Post Doctoral Fellows

Johanna Muurinen - University of Helsinki

Graduate Students

Eunice Centeno - Continue with Dr. Johnson in PhD program

Johnnie "Junior" Cheng

Undergraduate Students

Kara Mosier

Jenn Ngo - Michigan State University Veterinary Medicine program

Tessa Sheets - Continue with Dr. Johnson in Masters program

Junior Cheng - Continue with Dr. Johnson in Masters program

Natalie Glidden - Covance Laboratories

Olivia Lockyear - Auburn University Veterinary Medicine program

Jose Isaac Vargas Patino - Auburn University Department of Poultry Science (Masters program)

Olivia Consoli - Purdue University Veterinary Medicine program

Natalie Glidden

Natalie joined the lab in the spring of 2019. During her time in the lab, she worked on multiple projects including "Microbial Community on Animal Carcass During Slaughter" which was presented at the Fall 2020 Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference, and “Identifying Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) through the nasal microbiome”. Natalie graduated from Purdue in August 2021 and then moved on to continue her research endeavors with Covance Laboratories. Outside of research and classes, Natalie enjoys golfing, spending time with family and friends, and calligraphy.