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The complex community of microbes that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract (microbiota) has gained appreciation by scientists, physicians, and the general population in recent years. The microbiome exhibits broad reaching impacts and plays a role in host nutrition, pathogen colonization resistance, gastrointestinal disease, immune and digestive system regulation, even cardiovascular disease and neurological development and disease. Animal agriculture is about to undergo a transformation in which the microbiome is optimized and engineered rather than repressed by antibiotic use. Animal producers are seeking for alternatives to the antibiotics to maintain healthy, disease resistant animals and a safe food supply to the public. By understanding and promoting the microbiome, we utilize biological controls of unwanted microbiome invaders and promote benefits host-microbe interactions, while minimizing undesirable collateral effects, like antibiotic resistance.


The AMR lab is a member of the Purdue Applied Microbiome Sciences group at Purdue. Please check here for more broad microbiome activities at Purdue.

We are excited to contribute to the organization of the 2023 Midwest Microbiome Symposium hosted by Ohio State University. Keynote speakers include 

Dr. Kelly Wrighton, Colorado State University

Dr. Eric Martens, University of Michigan

We are excited to contribute to the organization of the 2022 Purdue Applied Microbiome Sciences Symposium. We have lined up an exciting line up of keynote speakers and the rest of the program will be forthcoming from the submitted abstracts. Please consider coming to Purdue to join the symposium! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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